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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  February 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> coming up, the winter storm that never was, at least not here but a 2000-mile storm barry's the rest of the country -- barry's the rest of the country. >> the president of egypt says he will step down but not soon enough for the crowds in cairo. >> later, a famous angel becomes part of american history.
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"good morning washington" continues now >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington carried it is 6:00 on this wednesday, february 2. >> good morning. let's begin with traffic and weather. we got mostly rain in our region but it is still causing a few problems. the federal government is open but workers have the option for an unscheduled leave or to telework. frederick county, va. is two hours late. >> we will check in with lisa baden and talk about the roadways in a minute but let's get right to adam caskey. you hope it would be rain and it
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looks like it is. >> what a relief. what a difference a few degrees make. it made a big difference, just warm enough for rain. we did get some freezing rain closer to the pennsylvania line. we are dealing with some sprinkles leftover around reston and vienna and great falls wet roads are everywhere. it is slippery but not i see. on the b w parkway, there are areas of rain. we had over 1 inch of rainfall in hagerstown. for the most part, we are above freezing right now. d.c. will be about 50 this afternoon. > we had some accidents before 216 but they will be out of the roadway by the time to get there. 95 north than in virginia its
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lows in woodbridge and then again in newington. 66 eastbound the lake is in manassas and centreville and out of haymarket from 15 north, police are with a crash and the exit ramp. we go to a picture of traffic on the beltway at university boulevard where it is what and moving at speed and slow is the george washington parkway northbound after reagan national airport, a single vehicle crash. >> thank you so much. let's take a look at these live pictures along the beltway approaching glen arden. we will check in with our reporter for the latest conditions in the region drivers are just dealing with wet road and high water.
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>> courtney robinson is live along interstate 270 in montgomery county. >> we are still seeing this makes coming down pretty it was raining harder earlier this morning that has caused the maryland state highway administration to send out a warning to motorists to be cautious when they are on the roadways. you could experience hydroplaning. they say snow is still clogging storm drains and that combined with heavy rains could caused some flooding issues. be careful if you are out on the roadways. it is the same situation in virginia. we had road crews overnight and they were on standby. the district was ready to jump into action if we got any freezing rain or anything coming our way. we dodged a bullet.
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>> thank you. power crews are on standby in gaithersburg ready to respond or they are needed. pamela brown is live on the scene. while we count our blessings, the rest of the nation is buried. the storm spent about 2,000 miles and by the time is done, more than 1/3 of the country could be covered by snow, sleet, or ice. >> good morning. they are feeling the effects here at reagan national airport. there are dozens of cancellations on the departure board this morning. cities like chicago, boston, new york, dallas, and even houston, this storm is causing trouble trouble. >-- travel trouble.
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>> there are cars or wiping out. >> the monster storm is affecting 100 million americans, over 3/4 of the country. drivers from chicago to dallas were sitting. >> you can't see some of the ice. it looks like normal but it is a slick spot. >> in chicago, the storm and wind ripped apart their roof off wrigley field. >> it is intense. i'm afraid of my ruth. >> thousands of flights are canceled and many are afraid they won't make it out of the gate at a number of major airports. many people here waiting to see when they will make it off the ground. if you have a flight out of the washington region today, contact your airline before heading to the airport.
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>> thank you very much. we turn to the crisis in egypt. the egyptian military is calling an end to the demonstration. protesters took to the streets to call on the president to step down. mubarak announced that he will leave office in september. >> he rejected calls to resign immediately and protesters say they will not leave until he does. >> [chanting] >> hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the egyptian embassy in northwest d.c. they say mubarak bus decision to step down in september is a step in the right direction but that will not let up until he is gone. protesters blocked to remember the 300 egyptians said to have died during the unrest. it is about 36 degrees at 6:07. >> still ahead, cuts in the classroom, prince george's county schools face tough times
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and a shrinking budget. >> plus, an early spring or six more weeks of winter? punxsutawney phil is getting ready to make his protection. >> first, another check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> we are here at dense and a business where polls that this is for men and women. good morning, washington. >> 6:10 right now and what a difference a few degrees made last night and this morning. we are dealing with wet roads
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but it is slippery. after our heavy snowfall, you get clogged storm sewers and trades. you get heavy rain like this and it can cause some flooding. we have areas of light rain right now crossing over the potomac right now. it crosses over the 270 corridor. there are a few light sprinkle left over from the rain last night. 32 degrees in hagerstown and there is the chance in some neighborhoods of light freezing rain along the pennsylvania line and north. 34 degrees in annapolis. wide-ranging temperatures this afternoon with a taste of spring south of the metro area. we will see clearing skies this morning, partly sunny, and breezy, from 40 degrees to to nearly 60 downtown. it will be very pleasant for the most part. cooler tomorrow and back in the
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upper 30's. gone onre's an accident the george washington parkway. this is northbound george washington parkway after reagan national airport moving at speed. rain and road spray roadfog will reduce your visibility on 270. there is a crash on the ramp out of hay market and metro rail is reporting they are on normal service. a lot of us have had enough of winter. >> may have to wait a little bit longer for spring to arrive. over one hour from now, punxsutawney phil will emerge from his home and he will let us know whether spring will come early or we have to deal with six more weeks of winter. he will say a few inches of snow
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on the ground when he comes out at daybreak this morning. thousands of people will be on hand to witness the event to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the ground hog production. -- prediction. why get out there to see if the ground hog goes back into his hall? >> that's not what's that anymore. >> it is very early. it is 6:13 and about 36 degrees outside. >> still to come, a good month for car sales which is good news. we will run down the newest numbers. >> plus, prince george's county schools feel the financial pinch. we will tell you about the drastic cuts that could be coming. >>
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>> 6:14 is your time. we have storm-related closings and delays. the b.c. region salt lake heavy rain and a small amount of ice. this is paralyzed other parts of the country. some parts of the north west and east could see two feet of snow by the storm -- by the time the storm is finished. approach testers were back from the streets of cairo today asking for president mubarak to step down. he said he would leave office in
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september. the protesters said they will not leave until he does. the time is 6:15 and the state of maryland is holding pepco's the to the fire. the power company was not taking chances. pepco is still a public enemy number one for some local lawmakers. pamela brown is live in gaithersburg with more. >> good morning, the power outages -- no power outages to report this morning but the issues with pepco blinder. you can see the crews behind me. they get to go home today and they have been here since last wednesday. pepco says that was one of the lessons learned from the last storm. they need more manpower. we spoke to their spokesperson earlier and he talked about how pepco has been under fire from lawmakers. one d.c. council member wants them to reimburse customers for hotel costs if power is out for more than 24 hours.
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people are disappointed with the pepco performance over last few years. i asked a spokesperson how they respond, this is what he said. >> there was no place but here in gaithersburg, the forecast did not change until hours ago and this plan was days in preparation. we cannot change the weather but we can work and our preparation and planning and that is what we did this time. >> clay anderson says the company will reach out to work with lawmakers to improve service. there will be a hearing next week on the pepco performance in the district. be sure to stay with abc 7 on air and on line for the latest forecast changes. log on to deeper cuts are in the works for prince george's county schools. at the school superintendent
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proposed cutting more than 1100 jobs, paring back kindergarten programs and include -- and increasing class sizes. he proposed freezing pay in eliminating middle school sports. it was a good month for u.s. auto markers -- automakers. >> [no audio] >> 6:18 is the time and we will get back to that report later. let's go to adam caskey cause it has been quite a day out there. >> yesterday he said it was a time when he wanted to be wrong. but you were not wrong this time. this is a situation where we did not know if it would snow. luckily, it turned out in our
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favor for the most part. i have energy this morning because i like to say that everything is okay. it is wet but they are not white and i see. cy. the clearing is moving through the shenandoah valley so skies will rapidly clear this morning. there is the main area of rain that moved through our area this morning. there are sprinkles here and there left on the radar early this morning but the heavy snow is still chicago, upper midwest, all the way to new england. we have a few sprinkles in the 270 corridor. not much is going on in fairfax county. that is it for the moisture. we are on the back end of the storm system. we sought significant rainfall, over 1 inch picked up in hagerstown.
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-- we saw significant rainfall, over 1 inch pick up in hagerstown a delphi had a 3/4 of an end. -- of an inch. a few degrees makes all the difference in the first thousand feet of our atmosphere. 33 degrees in rockville. today we will have clearing skies this morning and it will be a sunny afternoon. it will be noticeably warmer in most locations especially locally and south of town. our high temperature will be close to 40 degrees near the mason-dixon line. downtown probably near 50 but a taste of spurring further south, culpeper, stafford, fredericksburg, we are talking 60 degrees almost four afternoon high temperatures. it will be short lived. breezy tonight into tomorrow and back down into the upper 30's.
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there is a wind advisory out in the shenandoah valley from 11:00 a.m. until midnight. mainly rain on saturday. the inner loop on telegraph road, a tractor trailer is stopped at the ramp. slow traffic further ahead of the inner loop at the exit for braddock road. that will take you to 236. route 4 and route 5 are in good shape out of southern maryland but a little bit of body and in bowie and through cheverly. we had two car wrecks at 260. baltimore-washington parkway has volume. slow out of frederick and here we are at west montgomery ave. >> 6:21 is your time and 35 degrees outside. >> we will tell you what one of the drug for weight loss will
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not be on the market. >> watch oprah at 4:00.
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we have news about the food and drug administration rejecting another weight-loss pill. they requested a new study of
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its potential heart risk. that means it could be several more years before a new obesity drug it's the market. a good month for u.s. auto makers and gas prices react to the unrest in egypt. rob nelson has the numbers. >> the huge winter storm grounded more flights today. u.s. airlines canceled 6700 flights yesterday including 1200 in and out of chicago. the fort worth airport shut down for 2.5 hours. there is concern that the crisis in egypt could affect gasoline prices which are already at a two-year high. gas prices are rising worldwide. crude oil topped $100 per barrel and most of the oil is shipped through egypt. the wall street journal reports that wall street banks and securities firms paid a record $135 billion in compensation last year which is up almost 6%
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from 2009. the auto industry will report that sales were up 15% in january. gm and chrysler led the way. >> 6:25 and there is still another half hour of "good morning, washington." >> coming up, an angel in the smithsonian. >> snow and sleet are leaving some stranded this morning. i am live at reagan national airport and a look at air travel and how this monster storm is impacting, coming up. >> the storm is pushing out of our region and skies are clearing and you would not believe what we are talking about for later this afternoon
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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straight ahead on a wednesday morning, some snow, sleet, to spring in 24 hours. the forecast to one want to miss. this is the second day of february, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. massive snowstorm that is covering 1/3 of the country gave us nothing but rain in the metro region. the federal government is open today but workers have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. straight tot traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey, this was the best is scenario? absolutely, if we were a few degrees cooler, it could have been much worse.
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it is mainly just read woden's -- just wet roads. there is still snow so it could clogs some of the snow drains. for the most part, we are above freezing. northwest d.c. is 35 and culpeper is 34 degrees. over 1 inch of rainfall in hagerstown. it was rather impressive rainfall. temperatures this afternoon with the sunshine and recent additions will be 40 north of the metro, near 50 locally, but 60 degrees south of town. it is warming up. we have ground fog for a few and road spray for everyone. be careful as you head out.
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a heavy volume of traffic on 270 out of frederick. everything is open in and out of baltimore. leaving haymarket, on the ramp from 15 north to 66 seats, police have an accident. in front of nationals park, there is trouble with a traffic signal. that will be along 295 and 270 has plenty of people hitting the road. >> the time is 6:31 per in the roadways are still wet today. >> mn eisler is out on the road. he joins us live on the fund. phone. [no audio] we are going south on the
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belt way past old dominion drive. the rain has become the key factor out here. visibility has become bad but it has not slowed traffic. we can see the lanes at certain plants. people have been driving cautiously but we have seen some pretty crazy drivers. we have the while the lane change your driver. he is known to cut people off sometimes without signaling. then we have the tailgater, no relation to the alligator. that should be self-explanatory. lastly, we have the weaver whose peace down the road tailgating and repeatedly changing lanes at the same time. in this weather, that is not the brightest idea. >> you see everything. thank you so much. meanwhile, the powerful
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blizzard is still battering the rest of the nation this morning. this is what the 2000-mile system looks like as it slowly moves east. this is what it looks like from the ground. we have been looking at live pictures from the midwest and other parts of the country. they have shut down roads, schools and chicago for the first time in 12 years. it could dump up to two-feet of snow, sleet, and ice. dozens of flights have been canceled here at reagan national and not because of the weather we are getting but because of the monster storm we are monitoring. flights to chicago, places like new york and boston, dallas, and even as far south as houston have been canceled because of this storm. we talked to one man traveling with some of his friends and they are students and trying to get to the dominican republic.
6:34 am
their flight was canceled in new york said they were able to get a flight here to d.c. only to be stranded overnight. they spent the night at reagan national airport and are hopeful they can get out later today. >> we were expecting the worst snowstorm ever. when we got there, there was nothing. it was quite surprising >> they are a group of students from norway. they were surprised by the amount of snow that has closed so much because they deal with snow like that all the time. they are hopeful that they can get on a flight later today. there are lots of stories like that at the airport this morning of people who have spent the night and have been trying to find out when they can get off the ground. if you're heading out this morning, be sure to check with your airline before heading back to the airport. >> "good morning, america" is
6:35 am
tracking the effects of this storm. the university of maryland is taking steps to prevent any problems after the basketball game tonight against duke. the schools' planning a bonfire on campus after the game to channel fan excitement. 100 extra police the officers will be there to handle crowds. police arrested 28 students after last year's game when the victory celebration turned violent. please senate may vote on a measure to repeal the health care law. they have attached the repeal amendment to an authorization bill for the federal aviation administration. democrats say republicans don't have the votes to move forward but the republican-led house voted to repeal law last week. there are doing protests on the streets of cairo. thousands of demonstrators took
6:36 am
to the streets while hundreds of others marched in support of president hosni mubarak. >> the protesters say they will not leave until mubarak steps down but he says he will not leave until september. >> we are getting our dignity. >> president obama called on the egyptian leader to begin a peaceful and orderly transition immediately. he also said the transition should include a broad spectrum of the political factions. >> the time is 6:36 and we have 35 degrees. when we continue, a tv icon will have a place in american history. the smithsonian will recognize one of charlie's angels been a plus, pepco under fire, the power company is preparing for future power outages. >> as we go to another break, here is another check on gobbler's knob where
6:37 am
punxsutawney phil is getting ready to make his prediction. they are having a party there.
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my sistersundays are just tofor watching football. believe that? [ thinking ] relax. you ordered off mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. everything's so good and just a buck. so go. he's a jerk. [ thinking ] the simple joy of being smart. ♪ >> 20 minutes before the hour on
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this wednesday morning. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's get to doug allowed in calvert county. it seems like nothing but good newsprint absolutely, we got a little bit of rain overnight. in calvert county, it is 37 degrees right now and those numbers are reflective of the area. everybody went to bed with the expectation that there would be ice and some issues but this afternoon we will be pushing 60 degrees in some areas. live super doppler seven radar shows some patches of light rain. we have an excellent day with gusty winds, lots of sun and warming up. temperatures are mainly above the freezing right now. everybody but hagerstown is above freezing. look at the range of temperatures.
6:42 am
40 degrees near the mason-dixon line but south of the metro area, in the 50's and stafford and fredericksburg might hit 60 degrees. some gusty winds tore out the area.ghout the i know you are keeping us up to date in punxsutawney, pa.. >> it is fun to watch the people party there. they are having a good time. we are looking toward to a warm afternoon. we will see you later. >> for production on traffic, let's go to lisa baden. -- for our prediction on traffic, let's go to lisa baden. we have an easy commute. no major problems but we do have road sprayed with visibility for. pooor.
6:43 am
there is a car that ran off the road on i-270 at the exit 4370. for 370. >> the time is 6:42. >> rating the response of the president to the crisis in egypt. >> women have dodged a bullet with power outages but the issues with one utility company -- we may have dodged a curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: kate from mill valley, it's all yours. kate: well, i'm shopping for my first car. gecko: nice! i do hope you'll choose geico and save a good bit of cash... curtis: what color is the car? i bet you'd look great in a blue car. kate: no...actually, i'm torn between a fuel-injected inline-6 and a higher torque turbo diesel. gecko: that's quite a quandary! umm, i mean of course you could save either way. curtis: yeah but is one of them blue? cause i'd go with the blue one.
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>> if you are just waking up, we have a few delays to tell you about.
6:46 am
our live storm watch continues now. pepco crews are on standby. >> the company has come under fire for its response to previous storms. we go live to pamela brown and gaithersburg. >> good morning, i am here at one of three staging areas for pepco. the crew is behind me have been here since last wednesday from out of state. pepco kept them here in case we got a significant number of power outages today. fortunately, we locked out and there are no weather-related power outages. these crews are able to go home today. pepco has a lot of issues to deal with. the company is under fire from lawmakers. one d.c. council member wants
6:47 am
the utility company to reimburse customers for hotel costs if power is out for more than 24 hours. some council members in montgomery county say they were snubbed by the pepco ceo. we heard from governor martin o'malley calling the pepco restoration rate dismal. he would like to hold a hearing on their performance. next week in the district, there will be a hearing on their performance, one of several in the near future. >> thank you very much. 6:47 is the time. we turn to today's political minute. >> james holman joins us now. whenever there is a big decision for the white house and an election is in the future, everyone starts second-guessing. what are we hearing now? what is amazing is the
6:48 am
silence by some of the republican candidates. sarah palin during 2000 and jumped on everything. she has not said a word publicly about egypt. it is not just her. a whole range of serious candidates are not saying anything because the situation is so fluid. they don't have foreign policy experience and they are nervous to get ahead of the president. the people who are speaking out are lambasting the president. you have to criticize the president if you are running in a republican primary. john boehner and mitch mcconnell, were two republicans who have been supportive of what president obama is doing. >> made romney is the only one supporting the president? who else has spoken out?
6:49 am
>> the most vocal is newt gingrich. he uses stronger and stronger words. he criticizes the president. mike huckabee has as well who is traveling in israel this week. he has been on fox news "a lot. john bolton is the former ambassador who will run for president as a conservative hard-line national security candidate. also wreck santorum has been actively campaigning. >> we will leave your -- read your article today. >> we want to give you a live picture of the scene in chicago. the snow continues to come down in a difficult situation there. they have a super winter storm. doug hill is on top of the conditions. we're lucky we are not dealing with that mass. > have we forgotten about
6:50 am
last winter when we have three of those the storms? before we start, if you look closely over my shoulder, you may say phil sitting there. we are only 20 minutes away from finding out about punxsutawney phil perr. the latest report out of olney is 34 degrees. temperatures will be fine as temperatures climb this afternoon. rainfall overnight, more than 1 inch in woodbine. temperatures are in the low 30's. those numbers will continue to climb. our part of the storm was pushed quickly up to the northeast and we will see rapid clearing. we see that off to the west and you have rain north of
6:51 am
baltimore. it will be a delightful day with gusty winds and mild temperatures. we will hang on to low 40's along the pennsylvania border but the further south, the warmer it will get, mid to upper 50's. lower st. mary's county and fredericksburg may hit 60 degrees. it will become sunny and cooler tomorrow, 34-37 with a bit of a breeze. that will be a big change over the next couple of days and there's a chance late friday night for a wintry makes changing to rain. we have been active winter pattern that continues. we should look forward to a warm up by the end of february. >> have you been to the festivities in punxsutawney? >> no, but i saw "groundhog day" with bill murray. >> that is my dad's favorite movie. thank you. >> lisa baden, ark drivers
6:52 am
seeing their shadow? i hope not. they are seeing a lot of road spray and reckless but no major accidents to report. -- an rain but no major accidents to report. here is the pace on 270 to the lane to divide. in virginia, you will see plenty of rhode spray. 95 and 395 is open up to the pentagon. we will have more when we come back in a
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posters of her used to hang on millions of walz now farrah fawcett will have a place at the smithsonian museum of american history. >> her longtime partner ryan o'neal will donate the famous
6:56 am
red since it and an original swimsuit posted to the museum today. it will be part of the museum's popular culture history. she died in 2009 after a battle with cancer. she is one of the most famous people ever. >> time to get a last look at traffic and weather. i see a lot of lights backing up. was a crash at 370 when a vehicle went off the road. look at the pace of germantown to get to 370. in springfield, it is wet but not too wild. we have good temperatures this morning and this after known we will -- and this afternoon, we will have 40 along the mason-dixon line and possibly 60 near fredericksburg. tomorrow will be cooler. >> we will have more news coming up at 7:26.
6:57 am
>> enjoy the warm weather this afternoon. "good morning, america" is next
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